The importance of setting the generic viagra correct torque when assembling equipment cannot be overemphasised. If you need an example of how important it is to set torque at precision accuracy, you actually need look no further than the common bicycle.

Old ‘bedstead’ bikes were generally easy and quite inexpensive to fix and an over torqued bolt might result in a relative costs of viagra cialis levitra stripped thread, simply requiring a trip down to the local bike shop or ironmonger.

However, those days are long gone and cheap and easy maintenance is a thing of the past because a revolution has taken place in the materials used in cycle manufacture. Heavy steel frames and components have been replaced by aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium and ultra-thin section steel tubing.

Bikes that are as light as those currently ridden in the Tour de France, such as one of Mark Cavendish’s specialised Venge  bikes, are now within reach of amateur racers and keen leisure cyclists – note the next cyclist you see when stopped at a set of traffic lights.

Today’s bikes have the required torque stamped on their critical components. Clamping down too hard on buy cialis without a prescription carbon bars will crack them but insufficient tension in the bolts may result in the bars moving in the clamp. A torque wrench is becoming an essential component in the cyclist’s maintenance kit! Long gone are the days of the Penny Farthing – the correct application of torque is vital to engineering performance when it comes to bicycles.

At Norbar we demand the same consistent levels of quality and accuracy when manufacturing a express delivery generic viagra 200 Nּm Norbar torque wrench as we do in the production of more specialised equipment. All of our tools are designed and manufactured in house and supplied with traceable calibration certificates. Accuracy and traceability help us to ensure that internationally recognised standards of quality and reliability are maintained for equipment used worldwide and across every industry sector – whether on a cialis levitra sale viagra deep sea pipeline or a Trek Madone 6 Series.

By Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Director

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